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  • What is Mentoring? How is it different than Life Coaching?

    Lesa is trained, certified and credentialed as a Professional Certified Life Coach (CLC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)-accredited school, Coach for Life. She has also applied for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through ICF earned only by those with over 500 hours of practice.

    Lesa uses the term "Mentoring" to describe her blend of skillsets: as a credentialed Certified Life Coach with extensive business and civic experience, she utilizes the proven modalities and processes of coaching to help you discover your own best solutions, and when there is a knowledge gap, she dons her "consultant" cap and provides resources, contacts and expertise, all to help you "be" and "do" your best.

  • How is Mentoring different than therapy or advice?

    Therapy can be an extremely valuable and important resource for individuals at various stages in their lives, and generally addresses the past. Mentoring deals with the present moment, and how you want to move forward to create your future. It’s about partnering with you to move you forward. Mentoring assumes you are completely responsible for your life and actions—nothing needs fixing—you have chosen where you are today and you can create what you want in your future.

    An analogy to describe the differences between therapy and mentoring is if you wanted to learn to ride a bike, a therapist will help you get over the fear of riding a bike. A consultant/advisor will help you find the right bike. A Mentor will walk alongside you until you can ride the bike on your own.

  • Who is Lesa Heebner?

    Lesa Heebner is the former Mayor and City Council member of Solana Beach, a long-time community volunteer and an entrepreneur who is turning her extensive expertise toward Mentoring individual women with the desire to reach their full potential. Read more about Lesa on the About page.

  • How is Lesa qualified to provide Mentoring?

    Besides her extensive experience successfully leading and serving her community, as well as creating and running her own culinary businesses, Lesa is trained, certified and credentialed as a Professional Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)-accredited school, Coach for Life. She has also applied for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through ICF earned only by those with over 500 hours of practice.

  • What is a Discovery Session?

    The Discovery Session is the starting point of Mentoring with Lesa. It lays the foundation for your version of a fulfilled and satisfying life by revealing the guideposts that will be used to move you forward into action.

  • What are Development Sessions?

    Development Sessions are about progress, accountability and recognition. They are used to help solidify and build on the findings and guideposts uncovered in your initial Discovery Session.

  • What are Group Sessions?

    Group Mentoring Sessions are intimate, women-only groups of five to eight participants led by Lesa to discuss journeys similar to yours, and who share common ground for growth, inspiration and deep learning. These sessions are standalone sessions—they don’t require you to have had one-on-one Mentorship with Lesa, but all prospective clients need to go through the application process.

  • How many one-on-one Mentoring Sessions do I get?

    It’s up to you to decide how many one-on-one Mentoring Sessions you feel would best serve you. It is advisable to start with a two-hour, in-person Discovery Session that will create the foundation for your continuing work with Lesa, and at least three 30-minute Development Sessions conducted by phone. Some clients work with Lesa for months, take a break, then come back for a few more sessions. Others may wish for a longer commitment to ensure they achieve their goals.

  • What can I expect to accomplish with Mentoring?

    Mentoring with Lesa is a client-driven process—it’s up to you to determine what you specifically want to accomplish in your life. What you identify in your Discovery Session will lay the foundation for what you discuss in your Development Sessions, with Lesa providing the guidance and structure you need to get where you want to go.

  • What types of clients has Lesa worked with?

    Lesa has provided Mentoring for people in a wide variety of positions, including business owners, stock brokers, hedge fund managers, lawyers, stylists, astrologers, designers, graphic artists, leaders of non-profit organizations, writers, web designers, insurance brokers, artists, TV producers, stay-at-home moms, interior designers, real estate salespeople, mortgage brokers, developers, actors, computer consultants, fitness trainers, CPAs, restaurant owners, soon-to-be-retirees, entrepreneurs, construction managers, and more.

  • What are clients saying about Mentoring with Lesa Heebner?

    “Lesa’s Mentorship and guidance really helps me get clear on what I want to accomplish. She makes sure I keep my themes and values identified in our Discovery Session top of mind during our Development Sessions, and the days that follow. She’s a great listener, gives really valuable feedback and reminds me that I have all the tools I need to create the life I want.” -Peri S.

    “Lesa is so intuitive and very approachable. I felt like I was really heard by her and I found the guidance and direction I really needed. Plus, her ongoing support during our one-on-ones helped me to follow through on all the revelations I had with her to establish this new way of being which I really benefitted from.” -Marcy S.

    “I wanted to grow myself personally and professionally. There wasn’t anything to “fix”; I just needed support and a nudge. With Lesa’s mentorship, I feel stronger in my actions, why I take them and happier because of this new level of self-awareness I have. I feel like I was given a compass, or that my compass was re-calibrated. Now, no matter where I find myself in life, I know how to be, where I need to go, how I need to act, for it to work for me.” - Alicia R.

    “I can’t wait for a Group Session to check back in with this work and with Lesa, and get re-grounded. It’s not like I need a therapist. I just want more in my life, and especially to silence the “shoulds” I kept hearing in the back of my mind and instead hear what I have to say for myself. I highly recommend Mentoring with Lesa Heebner.” - Zahra K.

  • What does Mentoring with Lesa cost?

    $200 for a two-hour initial Discovery Session. $50 for each 30-minute Development Session with a minimum of three sessions recommended. $89 for each Group Session. Discounts may be offered when multiple sessions are purchased at one time. Contact Lesa for details.

  • How is Mentoring through Discovery and Development Sessions different than Group Sessions?

    One-on-one Mentoring through Discovery and follow-up Development Sessions is an in-depth, personal and customized experience that spans at least one month and often three or more months, depending what best serves you. Co-Mentoring Group Sessions provide some of the same benefits as on-one Mentoring in a single group session. Each Group lasts 3.5 hours with approximately 20 minutes of focus entirely on you. You will also learn from listening to the interaction between Lesa and the other participants sharing their journeys.

    You do not have to participate in on-on-one Mentoring with Lesa to qualify for a Group Session, but many clients find both types of Mentoring valuable and complementary to each other.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my first Discovery Session?

    After payment has been received, Lesa will send you a few forms to complete, including a Contract Agreement. They will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete, and are to be brought to your Discovery Session.

  • How often does Lesa speak at events? How do I request for her to speak at an event?

    Stay tuned for updates to Lesa’s speaking schedule, or contact her directly with a public speaking request. The Events page will be updated regularly with a list of any upcoming speaking engagements and events. You can also sign up to receive Lesa’s news and updates.

  • Where do Lesa’s recipes come from?

    As a former Cookbook author, Lesa has created the recipes posted on this website unless otherwise noted.

  • How can I get more recipes?

    Lesa’s cookbooks, Cooking with the Seasons and Calypso Bean Soup are available for purchase through Amazon on a limited basis. They are both out of print.