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Discovery Sessions

The Discovery Session is the beginning of Mentoring with Lesa. It lays the foundation for your version of a fulfilled and satisfying life by revealing the guideposts that will be used to move you forward into action.

During times of transition, no matter how much success we’ve enjoyed thus far, we often lose our bearing, forget our strengths and can fall into the dark hole of self-doubt and confusion that make us question our life’s direction.

Through a three-step process that promotes discovery and awareness, we unravel your source of meaning and inspiration so you can shift your approach and set forth on your path to fulfillment. Ongoing support, commitment and accountability through Development Sessions and Roundtables will help you live a life of your own making—consciously defined, mapped and manifested.

Click on the link below to respond to a few initial questions. Lesa will then contact you to set up a brief Complimentary Phone Session to determine if you are a good fit to work together. If so, an appointment will be set for your two-hour initial Discovery Session.



Lesa is so intuitive and very approachable. I feel like I’m really heard by her and I find the guidance and direction I really need. Plus, her ongoing support during our one-on-one Development Sessions helps me to follow through on all the revelations I have with her, and to firmly establish this new way of being in my life.
— Marcy S.
discovery sessions
Discovery Mentoring Sessions