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Development Sessions

Your Development Sessions are about progress, accountability and recognition.  They are used to help solidify and build on the findings and guideposts uncovered in your initial Discovery Session with Lesa.

 These 30-minute discussions are client-driven. You choose the focus, and Lesa provides the structure and context needed to help you move forward with a new level of awareness, accountability and satisfaction so you can anchor your life in a solid, satisfying place—and ultimately achieve your goals.

Click on the link below to respond to a few initial questions. Lesa will then contact you to set up a brief Complimentary Phone Session to determine if you are a good fit to work together. If so, an appointment will be set for your two-hour initial discovery session.



I wanted to grow myself personally and professionally. There wasn’t anything to “fix”; I just needed support and a nudge. With Lesa’s Mentoring, I feel stronger in my actions, why I take them and happier because of this new level of self-awareness I have. I feel like I was given a compass, or that it was re-calibrated. Now, no matter where I am in life, I feel I know how I need to be, where to go and how to act for it to work for me.
— Alicia R.