Was Making A Difference in 2017 Burning You Out?

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to share with you that I’ve embarked on a new business, Lesa Heebner & Associates. I work with entrepreneurial and cause-driven professionals who wish to re-ignite their original spark, improve their health & wellness and enhance their effectiveness.

Whether you are a young professional looking to balance career and kids, a dedicated, committed but exhausted “change agent,” or a business entrepreneur seeking to maximize your market niche and still find some “Me” time, I can help you discover what defines and fulfills you, and develop the path to get there.

There has been a common thread of intention throughout my varied work life over the past years: to help people and communities to achieve their best. As a culinary entrepreneur for 21 years with my company Garlic & Sapphires®, I helped people eat healthy, delicious foods with more ease. My goal during my 12 years as Mayor and Council member of Solana Beach was to preserve our unique beachside character and environment as we improved the community, making it one of the most sought after locations in all of San Diego County.

Now I turn my attention to Mentoring individuals to align their lives with what truly matters to them to enrich their lives and achieve their very best. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, in need of change or in the midst of change, Mentoring can provide you with the clarity, structure and support you need to navigate this key time.

What is Mentoring? It’s the term I use for my blend of skill-sets: as a credentialed Certified Life Coach and professional with extensive business and civic experience, I use the proven modalities and processes of coaching to help you discover your own best solutions, and when there is a knowledge gap, I don my Consultant cap to provide resources, contacts and insights, all to help you “be” and “do” your best.

The level of self-knowledge and support received from Mentoring sessions will help you foster a more powerful, successful, healthier and harmonious life. Please check out my new website, www.lesaheebner.com for all the details of the work I do with individuals and groups, as well as my Blog … and even some recipes!

All prospective One-on-One Discovery and Development clients are offered a 30-minute complimentary phone session to ensure we work well together. Apply at my website!

I would be honored to work with you or a referral from you, so please accept my offer of a $50 discount on the first month of One-on-One Mentoring (2-Hour Discovery Session plus four 30-minute Development Sessions, valued at $400) booked within the next 30 days. I look forward to putting all my skill-sets to work for you!

Yours truly,

Lesa Heebner, CLC, LLE

…providing mentoring services to entrepreneurial and cause-driven individuals who want to re-ignite their original spark, improve their energy and wellness and enhance their effectiveness.

January 1, 2018

Lesa Heebner