Lesa Heebner

Lesa Heebner, Founding Mentor

Lesa Heebner is the former Mayor and Council member of Solana Beach, a long-time community volunteer and an entrepreneur. As Mayor and Council member, she helped the city become one of the most sought-after communities to live in all of San Diego County. As an entrepreneur, Lesa launched and ran two of her own successful culinary-based businesses, authored two cookbooks, spoke at numerous events and corporate conventions and worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. 

Over the years, Lesa has had extensive experience successfully manifesting a vision. Having devoted her life to helping people and communities achieve their best potential, she is now turning her extensive and eclectic experience towards mentoring successful, creative, ambitious and powerful women who want to ignite their personal and professional lives. By seeking more support, more self-awareness and more soul-deep satisfaction, women working with Lesa can live a life that aligns with what truly matters to them.



If you’re going through changes, just feeling like something is off or if you want to re-direct your life to something different, work with Lesa Heebner. She has an incredible resume with lots of different experiences, is really down to earth and practical, and helped me achieve what I barely dared to dream of.
— Amanda R.