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Lesa helps entrepreneurial and cause-driven individuals to re-ignite their original spark, improve their energy & wellness and enhance their effectiveness.

Each of us has natural, unique gifts and talents to offer the world, a drive to make a difference and a need to feel fulfilled in our lives—but sometimes we feel stuck, overwhelmed, defeated.

Whether you’re a young professional looking to balance career and kids, a dedicated, committed but exhausted "change agent," or a business owner seeking to maximize your market niche and still find some "Me" time, Lesa Heebner guides you to your personal version of fulfillment—and the path to get there.

With over 25 years as a successful business entrepreneur, 12 years as a Civic Leader, and trained and Certified as a Life Coach, Lesa combines her distinctive qualifications to help you achieve the full life you desire. In a method she terms "Mentoring," Lesa utilizes the proven modalities and processes of coaching to help you discover your own best solutions, and when there is a knowledge gap, provides the resources, contacts and insights needed ... all to help you "be" and "do" your best!

Through a confidential process of self-discovery, awareness, commitment, and accountability, Lesa provides the warm and insightful guiding force and Mentorship you need to help uncover your source of meaning and inspiration and the support and structure for you to achieve your goals. Contact Lesa to re-charge and renew your life so you can be better at making the world a better place!


"Lesa helped me clarify the direction I want to go at this stage in my life. She created a warm, relaxing atmosphere that encouraged me to open up to new possibilities. She provided the structure and support that motivated and inspired me to do the work I needed to do to reach my goals. Her Mentorship was truly valuable in igniting my life."  -Kristi B.

My experience working with Lesa was truly transformative. From our first meeting she helped me create a shift in the areas of my life that I wanted to focus on, and also helped me to improve on some life long issues. I am extremely grateful for the experience and give her my highest recommendation.
— Sherryl L.



Guiding you in igniting your life.



Lesa mentors successful, creative, ambitious and powerful women who want to grow personally and professionally. They want more out of life—more support, more self-awareness, more soul-deep satisfaction. Lesa guides women who are done with the “should’s” of life and what others think they ought to be doing, but instead want to live a life of their own design, a life that aligns with what truly matters to them.   


"I am proud to be part of a profession that is able to help highly successful people to become even more effective in multiple areas of their lives. This work will add depth, interest, fullness and the realization of many dreams to your life."

-Lesa Heebner, CLC, LLE